The Margate Train

The Margate Train is a short drive from Hobart along the scenic Channel Highway.

The Margate Train has a variety of businesses that will interest everyone from young children to grandparents.

Please contact the business below for individual trading hours:

Pancake Train (03) 6267 1120
Choo Chews Lollie Shop (03) 6267 1673
Laziko Kebabs (03) 6267 2819
Carpet Junction (03) 6267 1110
Antiques and Second Hand (03) 6267 1667
White Doily Lane 0422 286 640
Margate Train Barber (03) 6267 2677
Sharmi's Books 0481 350 406

The Tasman Limited


M class      10 were built.
T.G.R. designation MA3
M is for M class.
A is for out of standard, driving wheels are smaller
Standard – 4ft 7.5”
 A class – 4ft 0”
3 is for the third locomotive out of 10 built.
Type 4- 6- 2
Introduced 1952
Total weight 96 tons 12 cwt  98.2t
Total length 62ft 9”19.13m

These locomotives were built by Robert Stephenson and Hawthorn of Darlington UK.

Darlington famous for the Darlington and Stockton railway opened in 1825, the first commercial railway in the world.

The smaller wheels give more pulling power but less speed but speed has not been a factor in Tasmania because of the tight bends and gradients.

A fully restored M class [M5] locomotive in working condition is in the Tasmanian Transport Museum.


Double carriages A.C.S. [Articulate country saloon] built at Launceston, Tasmania in 1955. These were built for the Tasman service between Hobart and Wynyard. 

Our restaurant is located in the original dining carriage.